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Immigration – changing and unchanged

For the last two decades, immigration has been a key issue facing Britain. It is an issue that sharply divides the public – and these fractures were revealed by the 2016 referendum on EU membership where one of the biggest drivers of the ‘Leave’ vote was anti-immigration/nativist sentiment. It cuts across party political lines –…

The immigration conundrum

Concern among the public about immigration has increased dramatically since the 1990s. Reaching an all-time high in September 2015, when it was mentioned by 56%, it has remained in the top three issues throughout 2016. Successive governments have failed to allay public concerns on the issue and no political party is seen to have a…

Immigration and the ballot box

Immigration was the issue that failed to bark in the general election campaign. But soon after, it rose to become THE most important issue facing the country in the eyes of the British public, with anxiety at record levels – partly propelled by the refugee crisis. We end the year with it playing a key…