Welcome to this year’s Almanac and review of the year from Ipsos MORI!

In a year we thought would be a turning point in the climate emergency, instead it was a year unlike any other. Here we discuss lockdowns, Black Lives Matter protests, how consumer expectations of brands changed during the pandemic, a possible green recovery in the wake of a global recession, the race for a vaccine, and much, much more.

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Ben Page
Chief Executive
Ipsos MORI

State of the Nation

In a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we explore the mood of the nation and attitudes to key issues, including sustainability, city living and our public services.

Quintessential English cottage next to a river

Lockdown lives

What would Britain look like if it was a village of 100 people?

Overcast photo of an ambulance depicting public services

The future for public services

Reviewing public service funding before and during the pandemic, we question what the public want from the state moving forward.

Empty city roads with stay home sign visible

Beyond the pandemic

How has COVID-19 altered the values and convictions we hold on topics such as morality, society and ideology?

Mother looking after young daughter in the garden

Women and COVID-19

Here we explore how women have borne most of the emotional, mental and economic effects of the pandemic.

Close up shot of a sunflower

Asking the right sustainability questions

As environmental concerns increase in the UK, consumers look for brands and government to lead the way on sustainability.

Thunderstorm with lightning over London

Have we reached city limits?

COVID-19 has changed our attitudes towards city living. Here we question whether we have reached ‘peak city’.

Sign reminding people to socially distance

Doing the right thing

When we look back at the 2020 pandemic, we might be surprised at how adherent people were to government measures.

Surveillance camera

Conspiracy theories

The global health crisis has encouraged a number of conspiracy theories this year.

Did you

In May,


of people reported having had more vivid dreams than usual


Here we look at the global health crisis alongside public attitudes to the NHS, vaccines and the digitisation of healthcare.

The future of healthcare

Thank you NHS sign on local shop

Protect the NHS

Amid a public health crisis, how have the British public’s attitudes towards the NHS changed?

Silhouette shot of a man against a blue light signifying mental health

COVID-19 and mental health

Recently public awareness of mental health issues has grown dramatically, but what has been the mental toll of COVID-19?

Female nurse holding vaccine syringe

No panacea

As faith in vaccination has dropped globally, to instil confidence, we need to communicate facts alongside stories and emotion.

Did you

In 2019


believed that infectious diseases would be a threat to health


As we near the end of the Brexit transition period, we reflect on a turbulent year for the main political parties, support for Scottish independence and investment in the north.

Union jack flags blowing in the wind

Politics in review

Britain faces a different political environment in 2021. Here we explore 2020’s major political events.

The EU flag outside Downing Street, London

Brexit: the end of the beginning

As we reach the end of the transition period, we question how does the UK feel about Brexit?

Shot of Big Ben and Westminster from the River Thames

What happened to trust in 2020?

This article explores how the past year has changed our trust in politics and professions.

Man in suit talking to press with documents

Decision-making in a crisis

The global pandemic has forced governments to make major decisions. In the UK, Britons want fast and transparent action.

Crowd at a rally for Scottish Independence

The end of the Union?

Six years after the 2014 Scottish referendum vote, we investigate how public opinion has changed.

Panoramic view of the Manchester skyline

Levelling up

Here we explore public opinion to the Government’s intention to ‘level up’ the country by investing in the infrastructure of the north.

Voter holding a US 2020 election badge

US election

With Joe Biden the new President-Elect, we explore how the election unfolded and what’s next for the US.

Did you


say failing to address the climate emergency in the economic recovery from COVID-19 would be harmful to future generations

Brands & Media

We investigate the role brands and media have played this year as lockdown caused us to spend more time in front of the TV and forced us all to shop online.

Bulldog sitting in Autumn leaves

The resilience of Brand Britain

We put ‘Brand Britain’ under the spotlight and look at how it is seen on the global stage.

Woman eating popcorn while using streaming services

The acceleration of media trends and behaviours

How have our TV needs changed in a year spent at home? We explore trends including nostalgia and family viewing.

Recyclable and sustainable coffee cup

Pushing the envelope

Considering COVID-19 and the climate emergency, we explore how packaging solutions are balancing hygiene and sustainability.

Camera equipment setup for video interview

Faking the headlines

Disinformation poses a threat to democracies on both sides of the Atlantic. Here we discuss our trust in media.

Tinned food presented nicely on shelves

Brand building in a crisis

As brands continue to adapt to COVID-19, we review the key brand principles required to weather a crisis.

Man ordering things online

The future of shopping

COVID-19 has seen a surge in online shopping. In this article we explore what this means for ecommerce.

Did you


of Britons believe that the symptoms that most people blame on COVID-19 appear to be connected to 5G radiation

Diverse Britain

This year has seen numerous protests demanding the UK better support, recognise and defend the rights of all its residents, in all contexts – whether in boardrooms or on our TV screens.

Young black woman directing photo shoot

Representation in content

Here we explore how content creators can authentically represent diversity in their characters and narratives.

Young person holding a transgender pride flag over their head

Transgender rights and a generational divide

In this article we investigate the British public’s opinions towards transgender rights and generational differences in attitudes.

Heart painted on a wall

Britons remain positive about refugee rights

Whilst the pandemic has caused some unease around opening Britain’s borders, the nation is generally positive about welcoming refugees.

Diverse people talking around boardroom table

Turning words into action in boardroom diversity

In a year of social change, what are business leaders’ attitudes to making diversity and inclusion practice a reality?

Did you


of Britons support the aims of the Black Lives Matter movement

Business & Finance


With a recession on the horizon and consumers increasingly placing businesses under scrutiny, we investigate the financial impacts of the pandemic and how crisis can inspire innovation.

Busy crowd walking in a public space

CX matters

In a year of change, we explore the needs and expectations of customers and the value of great customer experience.

London Black Lives Matter march

Global instability fuelling financial inequality

COVID-19 has intensified some of the disparities in our society. Here we explore the pandemic’s effects on financial inequality.

Empty high street in lockdown

Retail in lockdown

Here we explore how the retail industry can survive the pandemic by reshaping, realigning and refocusing for the future.

Person eating dessert on bed and working on laptop

The decline of formality

As COVID-19 has forced a surge in home working, have we become less formal in our behaviour and dress code?

Neon lightning sign representing innovation

Crisis - the catalyst for rapid innovation

In this piece we explore how crisis can help to inspire and accelerate business innovation.

piggy bank wearing covid mask

The pandemic savings illusion

While high-earners may have saved during the pandemic, financially vulnerable households have been hit hard

Did you


of current pet owners got a new pet during lockdown